Digital Consultancy FAQs2021-06-16T18:09:21+01:00
What is Digital Housekeeping?2021-06-16T15:52:02+01:00

What is Digital Housekeeping? A very good question, that’s what it is initially. Digital Housekeeping is sometimes defined as getting your social media sorted out etc. However, I like to think of it as everything that supports your business digitally. Literally from creating a great signature for your email, to learning how to build a client list, to getting your Website sorted out. And anything in between.


What is involved in a typical digital consultancy session?2021-06-16T16:16:15+01:00

Prior to actually chatting, I will send you out a questionaire which will inform me as to what it is you want to cover in your digital consultancy session. We will then look at the priority of issues that you wish to resolve and start with the most urgent.


What are your best skills to help me?2021-06-16T15:52:03+01:00

I am trained to degree level in Visual Communications.

I have completed a full Digital Marketing Excellence course with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I have run my own Digital Web Design and SEO Agency since 2009 – before that I had a company called Smart Website Planning and I wrote the book on it!

  • 30+ years… running business sales, marketing and processes on computers.
  • 20+ years… Establishing effective communications online and building websites for small business owners and enabling online visibility with marketing and SEO.
  • 10+ years… Helping others do all of the above!!!


Have you done digital housekeeping before successfully?2021-06-16T15:52:02+01:00

Oh yes! Many times. Pretty much with all the website builds that we have done it has involved a high level of digital housekeeping. Many of our clients at at the early stages of having their websites built and have only just started their businesses so they are always looking for help with setting up more than just a Website.


Who will I be working with to help my digital set up?2021-06-16T15:52:48+01:00

Me. Carol Verity. This is my gig! Whilst I have a team of people, including hubby, with We Get Digital, this is mine and mine alone. So yes, you will be only working directly with me.


Can I bring a colleague with me?2021-06-16T17:57:23+01:00

Sure. We can discuss this. Usually this works best on a one to one basis because everyone has completely different levels of knowledge and skills and also very different requirements. So, whilst I am not adverse to more than one person attending a session this would have to be priced accordingly and we would initially have to discuss if it would be practical.


What if I am not happy with the service?2021-06-16T17:57:37+01:00

GUARANTEE! If you are not happy then you can have your money back. Not had to do this yet. I promise, you will get something and more out of a digital session with me. Anything from feeling a bit more confident in discovering and setting things up for yourself, to having me set things up for you and making your digital life easier.


What if I need more digital help?2021-06-16T15:52:01+01:00

Then we have the skills and the services and connections to support whatever you need in the way of digital help. I have a company also called Women On the Web and a team of amazing women who are brilliant at what they do. Tried and tested and highly recommended. Don’t worry – you will always be in the very best of hands for any service you need.


How much does a website cost?2021-06-16T17:59:39+01:00

How much does a Website cost is a difficult one but we have prices ‘starting from’ and it is very clear and defined what you get within the ‘normal’ perameters of a build. However there are more functions and bells and whilstles that can cost more which we quote for exactly and precisely in our proposals and everything is really clear and transparent.

Learn more about a website cost here



What is Website Planning?2021-06-16T16:16:27+01:00

Website Planning is something that pretty much started me out in my own business in the digital world. I couldn’t believe that people were complaining about their websites not working for them, only to find out that they had just asked someone to build them a website without a single thought to the careful planning of said website. This was back in about 2008.

When, with my lovely friend Pete, I started a company called Properties Abroad back in 2002 we spent about 3 months planning exactly what we wanted with that website. Consequently it lasted a good 10 years in the format we had it originally.

Fail to plan and plan to fail! Cliche but true.

So I wrote the book! Ask me for a copy – I have one you can download. Website planning now is an integral part of every website we build.



Can you help me build my website?2021-06-16T17:36:14+01:00

Of course! Especially if it is in WordPress – I’m not really that familiar with the Weebly and Wix platforms of this world – but I can have a go at guiding you if you are really stuck. Or I can recommend someone who can help.

If you are just getting started then we can have a look at the best platform for you to use for what you want it for. All I will say on the matter is that about 60% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress and you have the biggest and most infintesimal amount of freedom and scope for your build and for the future.



What kind of website platforms do you work on?2021-06-16T17:18:25+01:00

With the planning side of things we can help on all website platforms – Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace and, of course, WordPress (our favourite). This is because in the planning stage it’s more about the psychology than technology.

If we are to work on a website or do a website build then we work in WordPress and Shopify – we are quite good at eCommerce as well as personal and business websites.


Can you help with SEO?2021-06-16T17:26:21+01:00

Oh yes! Help with SEO is in my blood. Why? I don’t really know – but back in around 2002 I just because fascinated with keyword research and I realised that it was just so critical to know your business keywords when going online with your business.

We had an overseas property company called Properties Abroad .com – and I found out (little tool by Yahoo called Overture at the time) that four times more people were searching for properties OVERSEAS than they were properties ABROAD! Shucks! So I bought Prime Property Overseas and another company was born. But that’s a story for another day – remember to ask me if you book a call!


What is SEO?2021-06-16T17:21:11+01:00

What is SEO is a massive question. Actually, no, that’s a simple question. How to do it is the massive one!

SEO is, quite simply, the art of getting a website noticed by Google or Bing and reaching the number one position for a specific search term (keyword or keyphrase) within your industry.


Why Should I do SEO?2021-06-16T17:31:34+01:00

So many people ask the questions ‘why should I do SEO’ whether out loud or to themselves. The simple answer is because you want to be found! So, of course you should. Otherwise what’s the point of your website and wanting to grow your business.

Is SEO easy? Hell no. Well, some aspects of SEO are easy – but it can be a totally full time job if you really want to beat your competitors. But then if you have a very unique service and not much competition then it will be easier – and if not easier then, at least, faster.




Book a ‘Discovery Call’ with me.

That’s the latest speak to say let’s have a chat so you can find out if I can help you and I can find out if we will work well together solve your issues. If I can’t then I will be totally honest.